Onsite Education makes it easy for you and your employees to receive initial or renewal courses in CPR, First Aid, Blood-borne Pathogens, and mont other courses. Our curriculum is taught in accordance with the guidelines established by the State of Arizona, The American Safety & Health Institute and follows AHA 2015 standards.
Our instructors are emergency medical professionals who come to your location and provide interactive presentations using the latest equipment and materials. We hold classes at your location and our flexible scheduling can be tailored to your needs.

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Two-Way Radios / Communication

Two-way radios offer Dental and Medical Offices a better way to effectively communicate between all team members in a manner that does not disrupt the relaxing environment you want to offer your patients. Two-way radios and earpieces will help your office improve company teamwork, reduce the stress of searching for lost items ("Can someone help me with finding emesis powder" or warn a hygienist that a patient will be late) and find team members quietly and quickly.

AEDS / Monitoring Equipment

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are life-weaving devices which give lay-persons the ability to save lives in situations where previously only doctor, nurses, and paramedics with specialized equipment could do the hob. AEDs have become extremely popular. In fact, in a growing number of communities and industries, AEDs are mandated by law.
Patient Monitors can be used to obtain routine patient vital signs or to continually monitor your patients vital signs during conscious sedation. Monitors may include pulse oximetry (pulse and oxygen saturation), ECG, blood pressure, end tidal CO2, and temperature. There are many options to suit the needs of your office.


“While teaching us about our current AED during a CPR class, the instructor found that the programming was years old the pads were expired and the batteries were dead. The instructor was able to get our equipment updated and functional and teach us how to maintain it.”

Julie – Tempe AZ

This is the 4th time I have taken the CPR class and is the first time I really got it! The class was fun and the instructor made the class fun but professional.”

John – Scottsdale AZ

Jim was able to support our existing two-way radios and even add new radios that worked with the old ones so we did not have to start from scratch saving us A LOT of money!” Thanks!!

Ryan – Avondale AZ

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